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Citizenship By Descent for Australian Filipino kids

The greatest gift you can give to your Philippines-born biological children

The greatest gift you can give to your Philippines-born biological children

Australian Citizenship!

A great gift indeed!

Your kids are entitled to become Australian Citizens too, just like you!

That means they get to enjoy the same rights that you get to enjoy every day.

  • The right to enter and leave Australia whenever you want to, without needing a visa
  • The right to an Australian passport
  • The right to remain in Australia and live out their lives
  • The right to study freely
  • The right to work when they’re older
  • The right to apply for Medicare
  • The right to vote

Maybe your relationship with your Filipina lady comes to an end? It does happen.

And what if you were to die? It happens too, and is obviously inevitable. What happens to your Aussie Filipino kids?

If your child or children have Australian Citizenship, then your gift to them will survive past any relationship and will still be there when you’re no longer here to take care of them.

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