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Written Testimonials

Robert Kompier & Joan Santos

“When Joan and me decided to get married in the Philippines and start our married life in South Australia it became clear very quickly that doing all the paperwork for the Visa ourselves would be a near impossible task and would require far more money than we could afford.Long story short, I selected Down Under Visa in Manila and we are both very happy with that choice.Our main contact,Jeff Harvie,exudes confidence and professionalism and his no-nonsense approach was just what we needed.As a bonus my wife got the Visa after just under 3.5 months (instead of the expected 6+ months) which was something we were hoping for but didn’t expect to happen,and we have no doubt that this was because of Jeff letting us know exactly what required (“Robert, we are VERY low on your chatlogs. We need more”). Joan and me are now happily together here in South Australia mostly because of Jeff, his wife Mila, and his staff at Down Under Visa. We wholeheartedly recommended them. Onya Jeff!”


Robert Kompier & Joan Santos



Thank you very much.I appreciate your effort and I must say you’ve done me a favor.You’ve all been very nice and accomodating to me since day 1. And I commend you all for that.I’m really glad it didnt took long ‘coz I though it would be long process and might take you nine months or more just like what I’ve heard of others applying for Australian Visa. Its a good decision on my part that I choose your agency. Finally me and Rod could spend to the rest of our lives together, and its all because of you guys.

To Mila and Jeff Harvie and the company,please accept my heartful thank to all of you. God bless!!!!”

Respectfully yours,


Stephenson Jacques and Courtney Maranda

“We have only positive things to say about Down Under Visa. From the initial contact for a quote, through every form and right to the end of the process, Jeff was a pleasure to deal with. He responded to every email within hours or minutes and always gave us clear, detailed and friendly answers.

He was always completely forthright and honest, and we alwys felt that we had the most accurate and professional information from him.In fact, all the information we needed,was provided to us at the beginning, so there was no need for us to guess or ask many questions. The process of obtaining as spouse visa is a challanging one, but we both feel that it was made easier by using the services of Down Under Visa.We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others in the same situation.”

Stephenson Jacques and Courtney Maranda

Chris & Meryl McGovan

“Dear Jeff and Mila,

We are so happy now that we are together again in Australia. We have quikly settled in to our own home together, and Merlyn is enrolled in AMEP funded English classes strarting next week.

It seems so long ago that we applied for our first visa which was rejeceted (because we applied for the wrong type) and then we contacted for you advice. You helped us to organise our documentation and submit applications for both spouse visa and tourist visa while for the spouse visa.In both cases the visas were approved.

Thanks to you both and to your staff for all of your assistance in the process. We wish you all the best in future.”

Chris & Meryl McGovan

Julie Ann Esther C. Peterkin / Damien J. Peterkin

“Working with Jeff Harvie (Down Under Visa) for my visa is really a big help to make this thing happen.He is always willing and ready to answer all our questions with patience and dedication. Damien and I are thankful for Jeff’s effort of giving us information, sharing us what he knows, and keep on posting us reminders from the beginning until the end of our transactions with him. Three months of having a visa granted is earlier than we expected it to be and it is because of Jeff’s dedication of helping us to prepare all the requirements needed for the visa. Prayer is granted and we are ready to leave on August 22. Thank you again Jeff and Mila in behalf of Down Under Visa Family. May you have more blessings to come and more happy to finally sure that we will be together without worries ahead of separating apart because of the visa.God bless you all and more power.”

Julie Ann Esther C. Peterkin / Damien J. Peterkin

Justin Betterbee and Virgie Ligsay

“Virgie and myself like to thank Jeff and Mila for the excellent service provided for us to be together in Australia. I was recommended Jeff and Mila by a friend that also used them to get spouse visa. Jeff was great he sent through every detail we needed to know as this was new to both of us. It took a month or two to get all the required information to Jeff and he also told us we could get a tourist visa while we waited for the fiancee visa to processed. We had our tourist visa granted and we got to spend 3 months together in Australia. The hardest part was Vigie returned I had to leave without knowing how long till I could return and still had not heard anything about the fiancee visa. We submitted another tourist visa just cause we could not stand being apart. Today we received the great news that our fiencee visa had been granted after only 6 months. I rang Virgie the instant I open the email from Jeff. By the time Virgie answered the phone I was crying with joy and told her the good news. I kept crying fot at least 30 minutes after I got off the phone to Virgie and I would strongly recommend Jeff and Mila to anyone that is trying to get visa. We love you guys for making our dream come true.”

Justin Betterbee and Virgie Ligsay

Ella and John

“Dear Mila and Jeff,

I am writing to let you know that we are grateful to have your service.

We’ve waited so long to be together but things isn’t easy as we took the risk to process my visa on our own.We find it hard and so stressful because of my complicated situation. I process my divorce in Hong Kong where I used to work but still they give me no guarantee to get my visa because the Australian immigration in Hong Kong want me to declare my divorce in Philippines whicjh is not honoured in our Philippine Law and also they ask me to provide a single status certificate which is impossible to get bacause am not annulled. I feel so pressured and stress that makes me sick feeling hopeless, that was when we finally decided to get an agent and we made the right decision to get your service. In the beginning things seems impossible but when you started the process and follow up my visa honestly you gives us peace of mind as everything went well, quicker, stress free and no more worries at all.

In our surprise the visa was granted earlier than we expect. We thank you for all your advcie and for sharing us your story that gives us hope and we also appreciate your kindness and patient for replying our emails the quickest you can.

Thanks for the great effort and to all of your your staff who work together to give us an excellent service.

Finally I am with John here in Australia very happy, strating a new life spending wonderful moments together.

To Jeff and Mila a million thanks, wishing you luck and more power.”


Ella and John

Manilyn Q. Albino

“Good day! First thing I could say to my Migration Agent is thank yoou so much for helping us. We’ve done a lot of things to work this out. I am happy also to work withyou,you are very hard working and on time by telling us if you have any information about my visa application. So that we can do it as early as we can. I really appreciate all you hard working to make this happen. Thank You and Good Luck.”

Sincerely Yours,

Manilyn Q. Albino

Gemma Garcie Phil Watts

“Really appreciate the support of professional with knowledge of how things work as I work I didnt really want to have to deal with all the immigration paper I just wanted to be told what to fill in and then submit. Your expertise is really appreciated and both jeff and Jeremy were always professional and friendly in their dealings with us which was also greatly apreciated-Thank you!”

Gemma Garcie Phil Watts

Daniel Small

“Jeff and Mila on behalf on Nacilyn and myself I would like to thank you and rest of your staff at Downunder Visa for the assistance that we received in having our prosprctive marriage and our tourist visas Granted with no hassles at all. To have people who know what they are doing in the process makes you eel confident. There are other various agents out there but believe the service and support would not compare to Downunder Visa. To have milla as extra support for Nacilyn was very helpful for her. Its not only visa support you give its the support for your total experience and advice for a healthy future together. A great help for our happiness Thank you very much.”

Daniel Small

Richard and Virgie

“I highly recommend Jeff and Mila Harvie of DownUnderVisas. It was so great to have an Aussie agent who is married to a Filipina and lives in Manila. He understands both Aussie ang Pinoy cultures and is very professional and ethical visa agent. It was also good for Virgie to speak to Mila in Tagalog whenever she needed clarification or information.

Jeff was very helpful throughout the whole visa application process. He always told me the truth in a concise manner, but without being abrupt. He advise always made sense and he would help me to understand things whenever I got confused or impatient.

Jeff was always so prompt in replying to my email enquiries and I that really impressed me. Jeff’s experience, knowledge and service shows that he is a true professional and is truly believe that you can not do any better than Down Under Visa.

My wife is now here and we are so happy Well done Jeff and Mila (And we wrote this after getting the visa!).”

Regards from,

Richard and Virgie

Christopher and Annaliza

“First of all, our sincerest appreciation on the quality of work that Down Under Visa Co has provided to us.

Mr. Jeff Harvie has given us first class service. He personally meets his clients and gives direct and honest advice on visa possibilities and options. He provides cloar instructions on all requirements. While gathering all the requirements, he never delays and always responds on time on our query whenever there is some confusion or doubt on our part.

There was one time where our documents were almost lost or delayed and it did not reached him on time. It was an honest mistake on our part for choosing a wrong couler service. He did not blame us but instead he even come out of his way to search for it and find solutions to finding it. I believe this is a really a professional way of dealing with clients!

Most speacially, the visa was granted on the time table we expected. We are lucky that we choose Down Under Visa Co under Mr. Jeff Harvie as our agent.

Again, THANK YOU and would be looking forward to rendering the service again of Mr. Jeff Harvie in future.”


Christopher and Annaliza


“My family and I are very greateful to Mr. Jeff Harvie from Down Under Visa for his professionalism and expertise in handling our application. The whole process was complex and tediou at times. But having some one like Jeff, who understands the Australian immigration laws made us feel comfortable and at case. Jeff was always reachable and rest us in the know with numerals E-mails.

I appreciate his honest opinions on various matters that came up along the way, some even personal.

Jeff, THANK YOU very much, and we look forward to meeting you soon!!”

All the Best,


Melissa and John

“After 2 failed attempts applying for tourist/spousal vis privately, Melissa was granted a 3 months tourist visa (Including lodgement fees) and advice from a migration agent that cost P500 informing us that we only had 20% chance of obtaining the appropriate visa we decided to contact “Down Under Visa”. Jeff and Mila were truly proffesional in every aspect of the application and at no time did we feel that we would not be granted the visa’s. We would also like to add that the fees of Down Under Visa are much less than the other agents. Melissa was granted a 3 months tourist visa on November 16,2011 and prospective marriage about February 9,2012. We would like to express our thanks to Jeff/Mila for their effort and would have no hesitation in recommending “Down Under Visa” to anyone seeking those service. Keep up the great work Jeff.”


Melissa and John

Trevor and Marites

“I would like to let all those people who intend to obtain any kind of visa, especially visas for those for the Philippines to engage the services of Down under visas { Jeff and Mila Harvie }.
Their company is family owned and operated, so you always get personal service, above and beyond what is expected from a miggration agent.

In our case they rectified any potential problems, before they occurred. The immigration dept. suggested 6 months or more, but our case, which was a complex one, was completed in only 4 months. So professional was their work that the immigration dept. issued Marites fiance visa without an interview.

We cannot thank Jeff and Mila enough, for their thorough professional work, and reasonable charges.”

Trevor and Marites

James and Cristiane

“Jeff is a reliable and friendly migration agent. My experience with Jeff is very positive. He was always there to answer our questions about the fiancee visa application via email communication and responded informatively and promaptly. This provide us with peace of mind and his constant reassurance we needed to do next. Jeff prepared our visa application carefully and took care of all the details and requirements. Our visa application was lodged without any problems and our fiancee visa application was granted earlier than expected. Me and my fiancee are very happy with the result and exited that we can finally be together in Australia. I can presonally recommend Down Under Visa to everyone for any help you need with migration.

Thanks a lot for all your help Down Under Visa!”

Best Regards,

James and Cristiane


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