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Does Down Under Visa ONLY do Philippines applications?



We live in the Philippines, yes. Been here full time since 2010. Stayed during COVID too (when literally everyone else left!). Office remained open, and staff worked from their homes. Didn’t have a single day closed!

So yes, this is where most of our business is. No apologies for that. Jeff and Mila are an Australian Filipina couple after all.

We are however right here in Asia, and we also have experience managing tourist visas, partner visas, child visas, parent visas and citizenship applications from the following countries.








Do we have preferences? Favorite countries?


Not at all. It’s not why we do what we do. You know what drives us (and always has)? We believe in marriage, and marriage-for-life.

This is a vocation for us. And this is why we are patient with clients who feel the stresses of being apart. We know that there are thousands of couples whom we played a significant part in bringing together. We would love to know how many hundreds of kids are in the world now to couples whom we brought together in Australia.

So whether you fall in love with a lady (or gent) from the Philippines or from Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia makes no difference to us. What matters is that some lonely Aussie man ends up happy and contented thanks to our efforts.


Where do we recommend?


I’m putting this up to discourage anyone from asking that question. Hope it works!

The Philippines has long been THE place where men from the West have met and fallen in love with ladies from the Far East. This would have started many decades ago when the US had military bases here and servicemen were dropped off for “R and R”. Lovely ladies plus men far from home? Love blossoms.

In my day? All through letter-writing. And usually from Aussie chaps married to Filipinas who all had sisters and cousins looking for nice husbands. You would write letters, and if you hit it off you would hop on a plan heading north.

Nowadays? 99.9% of our clients meet via the net. Some through dating sites. Some through Facebook and other social media. The advantage they have is the speed that relationships can form compared to the letter-writing days. Most talk over live video and voice fees for hours every single day! So love blossoms and thrives!

And this means the world opens up. Anyone could be checking out a Facebook page and suddenly meet the love of his life from literally anywhere. It’s also cheap and convenient to get on a plane and you could be in Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Bangkok etc in a matter of hours. And you can discover the beauty in the human spirit that exists in other cultures, and it’s those very differences that we invariably find some appealing and attractive.

So no, we won’t be answering any “Which country has the best women” questions. It would be cold and dehumanizing too! If you want to broaden your horizons and meet the love of your life, then find a dating site somewhere! Or see who you can meet on social media. Or even hop on a plane and see what happens!

And if you meet the love of your life in a far-away place in the Far East? Complete our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT FORM and let’s see if we can help you!



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