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We often meet with confusion about how to deal with us as migration agents, because most people have never done this before. It’s a step into the unknown, and there are often a lot of assumptions. Fortunately for us it’s NOTHING new. We submit literally hundreds of Australian visa applications every year, and 99%+ of these are applications with Filipino visa applications and Australian sponsors. This is what we do!

Do you need to go to our office? You can if you want. (Note that we see people BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.) However I would say 95% of our Australian visa applicants, we never meet in person. This is the electronic age! Emails are lightning-fast, and give you written records of questions-asked and advice-given. And documents can be couriered. You won’t turn up at our office with all your visa requirements anyway. Nobody ever does. We need to assess you further before we give you a customised and comprehensive list of visa requirements (documents and evidence of a genuine relationship), and it takes time to gather all of these things. We don’t do rush-jobs, because we do actually care about the outcome of your visa application, and we want your Filipina wife or fiancée to go to Australia to be with you. 

We have an office in Brisbane, but we are almost never there these days. We are not like those agents who put up a pretence of being based in the Philippines, who leave all the work to be done to locally-employed and grossly-unqualified local staff (scary how often this happens!). We are here all the time, and not a single visa application goes through which hasn’t been managed by me, ie. managed by a Registered Migration Agent, according to Australian Migration Law. What that means is that as sponsors you should not expect to make an appointment to see me in Australia. And you don’t need to! Again, this is the electronic age. We can in fact assess you and help you BETTER by email than face-to-face, and I stand by that statement. Plus, our sponsors come from every state and region in Australia, from Tasmania, to North West WA, to Darwin, and we’ve even had a sponsor from Christmas Island.

I had somebody tell me they saw a visa service of some sort in a shopping Mall in Cebu City. His girl liked the idea, because they were there in Cebu instead of in Manila like we are. There was no logic in that. There ARE no Registered Migration Agents in Cebu City. None at all! That means they would be seeing an unqualified hack. An opportunist who has not undergone any character checks by MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia) and with absolutely no comeback if something goes wrong. Money and future could go swiftly down the gurgler, all because the lady wishes to deal with a local.

You do not need to travel to our office!We don’t need to be in Cebu City or in Davao. What you need to do is to get somebody who can help you, and whom you can trust! Down Under Visa are Registered Migration Agents, here in the Philippines all the time, with all the visa applications are managed personally by Jeff Harvie, who is married to a Filipina and has been through the visa process before PERSONALLY. Plus, we specialise in Australian partner visas, ie. prospective marriage visas and spouse visas from Philippines! In other words, we CAN help you. And you do NOT need to travel anywhere.

What to do?


Or just use the FREE ONLINE PARTNER VISA ASSESSMENT FORM, and we can assess your case.

If we tell you we can help you, just sit back and follow our guidance. We have a tried-and-tested process and method which works. Let us manage your Australian partner visa application from the start right through to the day we give you the good news that your visa has been granted and your lovely lady can join you in Australia.

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  1. Ian Hulbert

    They do know what they’re doing. They are very helpful, honest and professional. If you ask a question, it gets answered properly (no sales pitch). Their guidance is extremely helpful. From personal experience (my wife is living with me in Australia now) Jeff & Mila are the best and only option. Thanks guys 🙂

    • downundervisa

      Thank you Ian. Hope you and Carrel are doing great, as I’m sure you are!

  2. John Heath

    dear jeff,thanks for getting your updatesjohn Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 01:49:40 0000 To:

  3. danny gajic

    Hello there ….Did I and my lady apply for wrong visa , do not know ,but her second tourist<<<<< visitor visa was refused ,,man in Australian embassy Makati Manila assume think Elizabeth my lady is not genuine client applicant ,reason how he remarked she overstayed her three months visa ,,,but we did not know if we extended her visa from 3 to 6 months ,,,quote ,,we try with migration agent here in sunshine coast, but we had only ,,,6,,,weeks extension ,, quote,, next wen Elizabeth went back in Cebu to apply for second 600 visa ,this time 6 months man in Makati embassy , he decide how he said she is not genuine applicant and refused her second visa << quote << I Danny Daniel Gajic decide to<< fly inn fly out <<6 monthly reason I OWNED PROPERTY IN BAMBOO BAY MANDAUE CITY AS WELL I OWNED MY RESIDENT PROPERTY HERE IN CALOUNDRA SUNSHINE COAST QLD I AM 83 OF AGE WITH FRAGILE HEALTH THAT THE REASON I DID NOT APPLY FOR PARTNERSHIP VISA <<

  4. Faneza Abad

    Hi there, I read that Down Under Visa was very helpful with their clients in Partners/ Fiancé Visa Application. And so I don’t need to ask more questions about your services. I and my Fiancé had been trying to look for the best way/ visa to be together. We met ones here in the Philippines last February 2020, we spent 3 weeks together, and he already met my family. And now we want to be together again. What do you think is the best way for us to be together? IF YOU SUGGEST FOR PARTNER/ fiancé visa, HOW MUCH DOES IT cost to get your service? And if it’s Tourist visa and then apply for onshore partner visa, HOW MUCH doesn’t it cost? I hope you can get in touch with me. Thank you.

    • Jeff Harvie

      I see that you’re already a client of ours, Faneza. We look forward to helping you both.


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