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Considering bending the truth in your Australian visa application? Leaving a few things out? Changing a few facts to look better? Strongly suggest that you don’t!

Partner visas, family visas and even tourist visas must meet something known as Public Interest Criteria 4020 (PIC 4020). This is a “standard” that must be met, or otherwise they will refuse the application. I’ve explained all of this in detail in the following posts:

Seriously bad outcomes, which we really want you to avoid! 

There are MANY things that can go wrong, not only those things that you intended. You could be just missing a few facts that you thought were unimportant, or you could have some mistakes in documents that you hadn’t even noticed. You could even be a bit lazy. These things could cause you grief, and it’s our job to stop that happening.

So if Down Under Visa find fault with any aspect of the visa requirements that you supply us, we’re going to tell you! If you wanted “yes men” who will tell you everything’s fine and you did a great job of providing us with documents and evidence, then think again. That’s not us, and it never will be. It’s our job to get you a visa, and we will do what it takes….including pushing you and risking you not liking us sometimes…… get it for you.

And take note that Dodgy Juan the Travel Agent will not tell you these things, because he has no knowledge of Australian Migration Law! You get what you pay for!

This applies to:

  • The quality and quantity of your relationship evidence, and;
  •  Most especially the validity and correctness of the documents and the information that you provide us with!

Yes, we know it’s hard for you to find time to organise things, and we know you have jobs to go to, and we know you’re hopeless with paperwork and with computers. We know it was so long ago and you have trouble remembering, and you have trouble writing mooshy stuff. And we know it’s taking too long and you’re missing each other. But understand that there is NOTHING we ask of you which is not absolutely necessary.

So understand that we may well have to confront you with mistakes and shortcomings in your documents and relationship evidence. Not our fault. Not necessarily anybody’s fault. Follow our advice and we’ll get you over the line!

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  1. Norlinda A. Borac

    Good afternoon po.
    Paano po mag apply sa agency nyo?
    Kac po two times na po kami nag apply ng fiance ko piro palaging pong refused.
    Sana matulongan nyo po kami.
    God bless po?


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