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Most people have never dealt with a Registered Migration Agent before, therefore most have no idea how we do things. Why would you? There aren’t even exciting TV shows about RMA’s.

I can see it now: Manila RMA…..Visa Squad…..

CSI-Miami-5 (1)

I digress….

All new to most people. Nearest comparison is many of the locals have worked overseas, and have had to go to see an employment agent who organised a job and a visa in the Middle East, HK etc. for them. And this is why most will assume that the first thing they need to do is to come and see us and get their “requirements”. What are my requirements?” is a common opening question from Filipinos.

Here are a few points about how Down Under Visa works:

  1. Seeing us is NOT a “must do”. Entirely optional. If you would like to see us, we would be happy to see you. But if it’s not convenient for you, then don’t go out of your way. 95% of our applicants we never meet, and nothing bad happens because we don’t meet.
  2.  We meet clients by appointment only. Please don’t turn up and expect us to be ready to talk to you. We run a busy practice. I actually do most of my work from our home-office, so I’m not always there. And we could be in the middle of something urgent anyway.
  3.  We don’t “go in cold”. It’s not like a trip to the doctors. We want you to complete our Online Visa Assessment Form before we see you. Why? So we don’t waste your time and we don’t waste our time either. If we can’t help you, then the office is not the place to tell you.
  4.  It’s not an opportunity to pick our brains. If you are just having a consultation with us, ie. are not ready to sign up yet, then we won’t answer the 12 do-it-yourself questions for you. And if we think this is why you came in, we will finish the consultation straight away. We have a right to earn a living, and we can’t do that giving away free information. We all know that’s fair.

So please use our Visa Assessment Form on the website. It’s free. It’s easy and quick. And it tells us enough about you that I can give you initial advice and some initial direction. After that? If you want to go ahead, you can. If you don’t, entirely up to you.

And if you’d like to see us either to start the process or to check that you understand something properly first, then by all means email us and we can make an appointment to see you. We look forward to it!

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  1. rina busa villavicencio

    sir harvie can u help me my bf joe hovsep bolat cant understand how to use computer can i ask favor to him to his phone number i send to u..or send it to my email and ill be the one to explain him what to do..every night we go online on skype..pls sir beg me me..thank you for your kind consideration i wait for youyr response..

    • Jeff Harvie

      Rina, I already responded to the email address that you texted to the office.

    • norm cark

      hi jeff its norm clark ,fiancé of jessa madjos……ive read all imformation ( very helpful ) thanks for advise on choosing correct visa……I will contact u in the near future coz im getting time off from my job in October and will organise to make an appointment with you guys regards norm

      • Jeff Harvie

        You may wish to consider starting the process before you come here, Norm. Save some time. Please email me closer to the time?

        • Paul Constantine

          Jeff received your response to my approach in respect to obtaining assistance in our endeavours to get my partner to Australia.
          We have requested that the rejection
          of the second application , for a visa be reviewed.
          We wish to engage you to help facilitate said process and what ever else is required.
          I feel that time is against us!!

          Regards Paul

          • Jeff Harvie

            Paul, you need to email me a copy of the refusal. Not all refusals may be reviews, and in fact most can’t. I need to see the refusal. In most cases it’s better to simply apply again. Again, please email me.

  2. Bernadette Honrade Santos

    Good day Mr. Harvey,
    This is Bernadette Santos, my fiance who is currently working in Onslow would like to get me a visa so I can enjoy the beauty of Australia. We tried to seek my relative’s travel agency but unfortunately the Australian Embassy denied my application that we don’t get why it happened since we had completed all the requirements. Please let me know if you can help us reapply for a tourist visa. Your immediate response will be highly appreciated! Thank you .


    • Jeff Harvie

      Please go to our website, Bernadette. And please complete the free visa assessment form there.

    • Susan Amador

      Good day Mr. Harvey,
      This is Susan F. Amador. I would like to ask what documents needed to apply for Defacto or Partnership Visa? My partner is in Australia Peter S. Nelson.
      I was recommended by my niece who is also your client before Lorie and Savid Rowcliffe.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Best Regards,

      • Jeff Harvie

        Happy to help, but we can only advise you about documents and relationship evidence when you are already our client. Please get an assessment and consider becoming our client if you want the best result.

  3. sheila Perez

    Sir Jeff, do I hav to wait until I finish my contract a year more,until I can process my visa application in Philippines for Australia,or you have an idea that I can process my visa here in saudi Arabia before at the end of my contract.but the question sir Jeff is,if I process my visa application here in saudi,the problem is I can’t go out to process because I don’t have day off and my boss not allowed me to go out until I’m not done my working contract to them .tnx sir Jeff.. I hope you can help me about the best solution about my married status and Applying for visa for Australia.sheila

    • Jeff Harvie

      Please go to the website and complete our free online visa assessment form, Sheila


    Hi Jeff,
    Im now here in Australia for 3 mos tourist visa.
    And my bf is concerned what’s the best to process here in Australia or in Philippines the partner’s or fiancee visa?.
    Can you email me what we need to do .
    I know that you will soon have your holiday.
    So we jusy want to prepare like documents needed and the amount involve in processing it.
    My tourist visa will only be until Feb 2017.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Best regards,


    • Jeff Harvie

      Hello Ana,

      We can most likely help you. But I need you to complete our free online Visa Assessment Form so I know more about your situation and I can advise you properly. Once you do that, I can get back to you with more information.

      I’ll get back to you with an assessment after we receive this. Many thanks.

  5. Chil Pantilo

    I’d like to inquire regarding my brother’s case–He is citizen in Australia, single never married but has son. He wants to petition his son. He acknowledged and signed the birth certificate of the kid. What he’ll be needing (documents) to process application for Child visa? Can you email me? Looking forward. Thank you.

  6. Philip burzynski

    Hi its philip burzynski its about Arden lantaca. When can we start the new Visa to Australia

    • Jeff Harvie

      Hello Philip. I’ve just emailed you.

  7. Mary Grace Ritter


    I’m a Filipina married to an Australian resident. I am currently on a Temporary Resident visa subclass 820.
    I have 3 children in the Philippines to 3 different fathers. Two of the fathers I know and the other one is unknown.

    The 2 with known fathers have their fathers name on the birth certificate and the unknown one does not.

    I did not marry any of the fathers.

    My question is do I need the fathers consent to bring my children to Australia as I believe that Philippine law states that the mother has full custody if they had children out of wedlock.

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jeff Harvie

      Under Philippines Law the father of a child born outside of wedlock has no “rights” over the child. So his permission is not required.


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