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For Down Under Visa, this is by far the most popular visa. It’s also known as the fiancée visa, fiance visa, or the PMV. Technically, it’s a Subclass 300.


Why so popular?

It’s popular because it’s probably the more convenient, and causes the least stress. It gives the applicants 9 months to get a whole lot of important things done, and that’s not bad at all. When the visa is granted, you have nine months in which to marry.

Marrying in the Philippines has its charms. It’s different to a wedding back in Australia due to the crowds and general chaos. You get to feed half the town. You get to have a dozen bridesmaids. And you could have a jeepney or a tricycle as a wedding car! For many, great fun. For others, this will never be their cup of tea and they can end up regretting it.

Main downside of marrying in the Philippines is the time it takes. You really need 3 – 4 weeks to get it all done. There are legal things to do, ie. getting the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from the Australian Embassy and applying for the marriage license. There is also attending seminars on birth control (in Tagalog), attending more seminars if you marry through the Church, and all the organising of wedding dresses and umpteen outfits for the wedding party.  And nothing happens in hurry in the Philippines. So 3 – 4 very busy weeks.

For those of you who are clients and are using the Migration Hub, PLEASE download the MARRIAGE GUIDE that we have. Full of invaluable information that you will definitely benefit from.

A Prospective Marriage Visa means you have 9 months to organise your wedding and to have your wedding in the comfort and relative efficiency of Australia. Plenty of time to organise everything you need without having to rush. You can marry in the Church, or you can get a marriage celebrant and have the wedding wherever you want it to be. In a reception place. In a park. On a beach. In your backyard. 9 months compares very favourably to 3 – 4 weeks, most definitely.


Even though there’s 9 whole months to organise everything in, we still get clients who leave it all to the last minute.

Note: We do not monitor dates for you! There is a final date on the Visa Grant Notice. And there is a date that she must enter Australia by. YOU need to monitor those. We will not remind you!

If you let that date go past and she does not arrive, the visa conditions have been breached and they will not let her into the country. And if you do not marry within the 9 months, you will also have breached the visa conditions.

And you need to apply for the Subclass 820 partner visa there in Australia before the visa application runs out. It’s not a difficult application, and we can help you if you need. If you do not apply before the 9 months are up, then the Subclass 300 prospective marriage visa will expire and she will be in Australia unlawfully. That means she will have to leave, and she will go back to the Philippines with nothing. All a bit waste. “Sayang”, as they say in Tagalog.

So don’t get TOO relaxed. Yes, it means much less stress. But it doesn’t mean sit back and do nothing.

Please feel free to visit our website and complete the free Visa Assessment Form and we can see if you’re eligible for a visa.

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  1. Elizabeth A. Mallari

    Hi sir jeff interested to apply a prospective marriage visa subclass still in australia and will be home by july..pls post ur mara registration number and ur consultation fee..we starting to answer all d application forms needed and i will bring home to d phils..thank you

  2. Colin Johnstone

    Wanting to get married

    • Jeff Harvie

      Glad to hear that, Colin. How can we help you?

  3. Janita Baljon

    Good day Sir Jeff, what visa is the best? I want applying prospective marriage visa, i’ve been to Australia before for holiday visa but unfortunately i didn’t get the bridging because i won’t comply some requirement hat they need, i can ask if how much it cost the prospective marriage visa . Thank you

    • Jeff Harvie

      Not sure what you mean by “didn’t get the bridging”. Did you apply for an onshore partner visa and not comply with what they asked of you? I’d suggest you complete our online assessment form on our website, because I need more information in order to comment.


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