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How long a stay can I get for my Filipina lady on a tourist visa?

Three months is a reasonable request, especially for a first visit.

Does she need a job and money in the bank?
Is an Australian tourist visa easy to get?


  1. Paul Crowe

    Hi Jeff,
    I am Paul, Australian citizen, born and bred here.
    I met lovely Selfa February this year in Hong Kong, after communicating online for a month or 2.
    At the time she was employed by a Chinese family who sacked her on the spot when she told them she
    wanted to visit me.
    She has had 20 years continuous employment.
    So, immediately, she returned to her family in Iloilo, Philippines.
    She then applied for a Tourist Visa, which was approved. She adhered to the conditions
    Her 3 month vosit was from July till October.
    We are planning to be married, but no real date or place yet.
    And I am arranging trip to Philippines in February for up to one month to meet family etc.
    I read your emails quite closely, and just a question.
    Would it be better for Selfa to arrange another tourist Vsa after February 2019, then we apply for partner Viusa after that?
    And, as she plans to work in Aged Care when she eventually settles here, can she undertake the training course.
    Thanks Jeff, I just need some clarification.
    I know the cost of a partner Visa is substantial.

    • Jeff Harvie

      Hello Paul. My wife Mila was working in HK when we first met. When I visited her there she got around wearing a cap and sunglasses in case she came across the bosses. Yes, they would have sacked her too if they knew. The Consulate back then were very accommodating, but times change! HK OFW’s always have my special support because I know how much they gave of themselves for others.

      Would it be better to apply for a tourist visa and then a partner visa? Yes and no! If you’re not prepared (as many find out too late!), you run out of time to organise it all properly. There are ways around this, and I suggest you get a free online visa assessment done ASAP and I can explain your options. It will take you five minutes.

  2. Rory

    Hey Jeff.
    I tried to get a tourist visa for my girlfriend thinking it would be granted as she owned property in the Philippines. We were rejected as not enough ties to the Phillipines.
    Now she doesn’t own a property but does have 5 million php in the bank. She has no job as she doesn’t really need one.
    Will she be able to get a tourist visa now that she’s cashed up?


    • Jeff Harvie

      That’s not the only factor, Rory. They look at the application as a whole.


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