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We never lived together but we feel in our hearts that we’re a de facto couple.

I feel like the world’s greatest supermodel, but that doesn’t make me one. The Department are charged by Australian law to ensure the letter of that law is followed. They look for cold hard facts, and not warm fuzzy feelings.

We lived together for 5 years, but we kept our finances separate.
I visited her a lot in the Philippines over the years, and she visited me in Australia for three months. Are we in a de facto relationship?


  1. Clinton Stephen

    Would registering a Civil Union (in Queensland, Australia) qualify the validity of the relationship in this hypothetical?

    • Jeff Harvie

      It would be one more bit of evidence, yes. But it would not in itself prove to them that you have a genuine and committed relationship. You need proof!

  2. Colin Rolls

    Hi Jeff,
    We both follow your blog. I have visited my DeFacto in feb 2020, yes just scraped in. so then Covid came and kicked our collective butts. She is married in the Philippines and i’m separated pending divorce. Her marriage cant be resolved as i understand due to the laws governing marriage there.
    please correct me if i’m wrong, but i was intending to bring her out on a tourist visa, then apply for the defacto spouse visa. my Girl has a child that I thought we can bring out once the defacto visa is lodged.
    Im not going to wait any longer i need to get our lives back on track.

    I have filled out the questionnaire previously and all seems legit. Please tell me what i need to do and what the actual costs are for you to start the process for us.

    • Jeff Harvie

      I’ll email you, Colin. It’s a bit personal and private for here.

  3. Ruhama Ativo Carlos

    Hi Jeff ! I watched one of your client videos on youtube and she highly recommended down Under Visa for successful visa application. I am in the same situation like her . I am still married but separated for over 7 years , now Im in a relationship with my Australian boyfriend for 9 months, and we are planning to meet each this year. I would love to visit him in Australia, watching your client success testimony gives me high hope that I can be one of them with your professional help. I love to hear from you soon.

  4. Michael Hutchings

    hi I have a philipino girlfriend we want to marry .I was going to do your trial visa application but one of the questions ask have you sponsored someone before, I don’t know what to say, my late wife came from South Africa for me over 25 years ago. help please.

    • Jeff Harvie

      25 years ago is NOT an issue, Michael. Please get an assessment and hopefully we can help you.


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