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What happens when the tourist visa runs out?

If you have already lodged a valid onshore Partner Visa application, the Department will automatically grant a Bridging Visa A when the tourist visa runs out. This allows the applicant to remain lawfully inside Australia. If you have not lodged the application, the applicant will be unlawfully inside Australia (which is a bad thing!)

Can we decide to submit an offshore partner visa at the end of a tourist visa stay?
Do we need to live together for 12 months first?


  1. Stuart Hider

    My fiancee will come here to Australia about the 20th February on her 3 month visiting visa.
    How soon in that 3 months should we apply for a partner visa so she will be able to stay in Australia
    after that visit visa has run out ?


    • Jeff Harvie

      The question is will you be READY to lodge an onshore partner visa? I believe we’ve communicated before, and I’ve already warned you about how much work is involved in preparing a partner visa application that will be effective. It need to be lodged sometime before the tourist visa runs out, however that’s just a small part of a complicated story. You also need to know if the tourist visa she holds ALLOWS her to make a further visa application while she’s inside Australia, because some of them don’t. This isn’t something you can organise via questions at the end of BLOG articles, and reading my articles (useful though they may be) will not equip you to make a successful application by yourself. Get some professional help!

  2. Maria liwayway de la Paz

    Hi my tourist visa 600 expired on aug.2 i have booked pal on that date but they cancel .if i stay temporary here australia what visa you can recommend?Because of covid hard to look flight brisbane to you accept client here brisbane?im filipina my bf aussie hope i can get answer.thanks


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