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What is the price for an Australian visa?

How much does it cost to get a visa to Australia? It depends on the visa, and the price can change because the Australian Government can increase the visa application charge at a moments notice. And they’ve now introduced charges for adding children to a visa application as secondary applicants. When you fill out our online assessment form, we will give you a fixed quote on what it will cost you, including government charges and our own professional fees. Those who shop around find our charges very reasonable. And there are no hidden costs. There is a lot of work that goes into the management of your visa application, and what price can you put on your future?

The five-year rule!
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  1. Greg Westerberg

    My brother -in-law is in Australia at the moment, He was originally given a multiple entry visa for a period of 12 months ( Sept 2018 – sept 2019 with 3months per visit) we applied for an extension ( 4 months) which was granted, we are now all going to the philippines in may 2019 for a 3 week holiday and would like to bring him back to Australia with us. Question, Do we have to re-apply or would his original multiple entry visa still be valid and sufficient to allow him to return to Australia with us. ?
    Thank you.

    • Jeff Harvie

      What you applied for was not an “extension” of the original visa. You applied for a new visa application, which I assume is an onshore tourist visa. If that’s the case, the new visa will have cancelled the first one. So what he had last, that’s what he has now.

  2. Ely Enong Harvey

    dear Jeff, previous customer 5 years 2013 Ely [….] now [….] . wanting to bring her son minor 15 yrs now 16 in july permanenst here. . cna your give a quote for this visa 101 < we have the information and documnets [ most] now please advise a quote for ely please. we are still very " cemented" together.

    • Jeff Harvie

      Hello Neil. Nice to hear from you. I remember you well!

      I’ll email you privately about this. Replies to BLOG articles are public.

  3. christian herrero perez

    hello good pm i have a sister in australia she is a austalian citizen what we need so that we can visit there with my family and how much it will cost?thanks

    • Jeff Harvie

      Christian, you need to wait for the travel bans to be lifted. Can’t help you right now, sorry.


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