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Partner Visa Phillipines to Australia

Partner Visas aka Spouse Visas (Subclass 309/100 or 820/801)


Partner Visas (also known as “Spouse Visas”) for Australian Filipina couples who are married or in genuine de facto (common law or “live in”) relationships. Also for same-sex partners in de facto relationships or in same-sex marriages. Partner Visas are for the Filipina wives and partners of Australians who wish to live together in Australia on a permanent basis.

They require sponsorship of the Filipina visa applicant by an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Eligible New Zealand Citizen. Initially a 2 year Subclass 309 Offshore Partner Visa (or Subclass 820 Onshore Partner Visa) is granted, and allows the visa holder to come to Australia from Philippines (or to remain in Australia with an onshore visa application).


Getting a tourist visa, then a partner visa in Australia for your Filipina fiancee?


You must be committed to each other and to a shared-life together. This is not a try-before-you-buy visa. You may be either married, or in an existing genuine de facto relationship. If you are intending to marry, then you need to be legally free-to-marry (ie. never married, or already divorced). If you are in an existing exclusive de facto relationship, you may be still legally married as long as that relationship is well and truly over.

You may not apply for a partner visa so you can commence a de facto relationship. It must be existing, and you need to be able to prove this with solid evidence.

All Partner Visas, whether onshore or offshore:

  • Provide access to applying for Medicare benefits
  • Give full work rights, so the visa applicant may work in Australia
  • Are multiple-entry, and allow free access in and out of Australia
  • Allow the inclusion of dependent children as secondary applicants to the partner visa



Information contained in this page is of a general nature. Informative, yes, but not a formula for preparing visa applications and should not be relied on as such. The devil is in the detail, rest assured. Australian migration law is complicated and Departmental decisions are inflexible and often final. Readers and future visa applicants and sponsors are advised to rely on professionals to ensure a happy outcome.

Partner Visa Prospective Marriage Visa De Facto Visa Why do you need
a Migration Agent?

Offshore application (ie. applied-for in Philippines)

This is the option when the Filipina visa applicant is in Philippines, and remains there during the processing of the visa.

  • It may be lodged before the wedding, as long as the wedding takes place within the processing time.
  • It’s the visa-of-choice for Australian Filipina couples who wish to marry in Philippines
  • It’s also the visa-of-choice for the Australian sponsor and Filipina applicant who would prefer not to rush through the processing. It’s lower-pressure than an onshore application.
  • It may be granted when the applicant is inside Australia

Onshore application (ie. applied-for in Australia)

An onshore partner visa application is lodged inside Australia when the Filipina visa applicant is also there inside Australia at the time of application.

  • It must be lodged after the wedding takes place. It’s not possible to marry afterwards.
  • It must be lodged before the visa that the applicant currently holds (often a tourist visa) runs out, so there is invariably a strict deadline
  • If it’s lodged (a) after the wedding and (b) before the current visa runs out, the applicant is automatically issued a bridging visa
  • It’s the visa-of-choice for in-a-hurry Australian Filipina couples who wish to be together in Australia during the processing time
  • It’s not the visa of choice of those who can’t spare the time and who are not well-organised to meet a deadline
  • And note that any dependent children to be included in an onshore application must also be onshore at the time of lodgement

After two years of a successful relationship, a Subclass 100 or Subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa may be granted.

Permanent Partner Visa (two years after applying for the temporary partner visa)

You actually “applied” for the permanent partner visa when you applied for the temporary partner visa, ie it was an 820/801 application onshore, or a 309/100 application offshore. So you don’t apply again. But you do need to provide them with further documents and relationship evidence at this later stage to prove that your genuine relationship did exist and still exists. More information can be found here in this BLOG article about permanent partner visas.

Advantages of a partner visa (CLICK HERE)

Australian Offshore Partner Visas Pros and Cons

Australian Partner Visa pros and cons

  • Applicable to de facto couples
  • Applicable to same-sex couples
  • No follow-up temporary partner visa application needed
  • May apply before actual wedding takes place
  • Full work rights
  • Multiple entry visa
  • May apply for Medicare after application lodged
  • May include dependent children
  • No time-limit in which to apply in the first place (except must marry in a reasonable timeframe), ie. it’s a lower-pressure option than an onshore partner visa
  • May be granted with the applicant inside Australia
  • Must be outside Australia to apply
  • Not eligible for bridging visas
  • Must remain offshore during processing (unless visiting on tourist visa)
  • Wedding must take place before visa will be granted
  • High cost
  • Requires a lot of evidence of relationship and other documentation
  • Will lead to a five year ban from re-applying if visa is granted and relationship ends
  • Of no value to uncommitted couples

Australian Partner Visa from Philippines (Offshore) FAQ


Do I have to marry before I apply for an offshore Partner Visa?

Not necessarily. You must be married before they finalise the application, but you may apply before marrying as long as you fully intend to marry during the visa processing time.

Do we have to marry in Philippines? Ie can we marry in Australia?

You can marry anywhere you like, as long as it’s a legal marriage.

Can I get a bridging visa with an offshore Partner Visa?

No. Bridging visas are never issued to offshore visa applicants. They are for onshore applications only.

Can I get an offshore Partner Visa with a de facto relationship?

If it’s an established and genuine de facto relationship of 12 months or more, yes you can. That time period may be shorter if you have a Registered Relationship.

Can I get an offshore Partner Visa if still married/not divorced?

No, unless you are applying based on an established and genuine de facto relationship of 12 months or more. If you intend marrying and basing an offshore Partner Visa on that marriage, then no you need to be legally free to marry before applying.

Do we need to live together for 12 months first?

If you are applying based on a de facto relationship, yes. Otherwise, no.

Can she work on an offshore Partner Visa?

Yes, an offshore Partner Visa holder will have full and unrestricted work rights.

Can I include kids in an offshore Partner Visa?

Yes, you may include kids as secondary applicants on an offshore Partner Visa application. Note that this depends on you having a legal right to remove them from the country, ie. if another parent still has joint custody then you will need their permission for this to happen.

Have An Offshore Partner Visa Question Not Answered Above?

Australian Partner Visa ask a question

Now, over to you the client (or potential client)! We value our clients opinions, and we believe in keeping all well-informed. What would YOU like to ask about offshore partner visas? What do YOU think needs a bit more explanation? Ask below, and Jeff Harvie RMA will answer your question for you and for others wondering the same thing.


  1. abi novero

    Good day!

    In the process you wrote about going in a visitor’s visa first, the letter should come from the husband inviting his wife to come to australia to lodge an on-shore visa application? or can it be just a generic letter inviting her for a visit? Please help thanks!

    • Jeff Harvie

      Hello Abi. We will give general advice about what visa type suits someone’s situation and purpose, and I believe we give this information out more freely than most. I’ve long preferred to have a well-informed clientele who make decisions based on knowledge rather than confusion.

      However I’m still a working man like the rest of you. I grew up in a fibro house in the western suburbs of Sydney, and have always needed to earn a living like everyone else. My business is in managing visa applications for Australians with Filipina sweethearts. Please don’t ask me how to put a visa application together. That’s beyond the scope.

      • Ara Alvarez

        Hi just wondering if we can apply de facto visa or offshore partner visa we’ve been 3 years relationship my Australian bf visit me here in the Philippines 4 times a year and I have been in Australia last year for 3 months. Bought house here in the Philippines.

        • Jeff Harvie

          If you qualify, yes. But I would need to assess you properly. We have a free assessment form on our website.

      • Marilou D. Viray

        Hello Sir , I been married last Aug.10, 2019 with Australian Citizen ,ive never been come to Australia since i met him.But my husband wants me to come in visit him in Australia then we will apply for Spouse or residence question i can come and visit him?what step we will do first?

        • Jeff Harvie

          First step should be to get your case assessed by a Registered Migration Agent and see if we can help you. If you’re from Philippines, please look at the top of this page and click on the free visa assessment form link.

      • Haidie Itaas

        Hi Jeff,


        We planned to get married this year here in Philippines.

        My question:
        Can I apply an Onshore partner visa on tourist visa, even I already get married here in Philippines?

        • Jeff Harvie

          You may marry in Philippines, and you may apply for an onshore partner visa based on that marriage and on you having a genuine relationship. And you may apply for a partner visa whilst you hold a tourist visa, however that should not have been the primary reason for you to have applied for that tourist visa.

    • Rps

      Spouce Visa apply in Australia require to stay hasband n wife togather during Visa process?

      • Jeff Harvie

        Your question is a bit vague and I don’t know what you mean.

    • vernie

      Good day, i have a girlfriend who is living now in autralia,we wish to live together there,but im still married here in philippines but already in separate for how many years, we wish to apply for a de facto relationship,is it posible? How can we start? Do i nees to apply for a tourist visa? How can i stay there for 12 months for us to complete the requirment for de facto?

      • Jeff Harvie

        I can’t give you that level of advice here in a comments section. I suggest you get a visa assessment and we’ll see if we can help you.

    • Guy Johnson

      Hi my name is Guy Johnson and I have met a phillipine women here in Australia on a tourist visa and want to bring her to stay with me on a permanent stay, the catch is she is still married back in the Phillipines but has been separated for over eight years from her husbane

      • Jeff Harvie

        Well, you can’t marry a married woman. Suggest you get one of our free visa assessments done. There’s a link just above this.

        • Jayson

          Hi Jeff,

          how about she is still married in the Philippines but divorced in USA as they are based there, but she is still a filipino citizen. can I apply for fiance or de facto visa to bring her here in australia?

          • Jeff Harvie

            As long as she’s legally divorced in the US, then no problems. Just don’t plan on marrying in the Philippines. They’re less understanding about these things than Australia is.

    • Brian A.

      Hi there. My gf who is an Aus citizen wants to get married with me. I am a Filipino and have been to Aus multiple times. Ive only met her last year. What visa suits us and is it ok to get married in Aus or here in the Philippines before applying for a visa? thanks.

      • Jeff Harvie

        You can marry in Australia. You can marry in Philippines. You can marry online. Entirely up to you.

        If you want to know what would suit you and your situation? Get a free visa assessment ( and lets see if we can help you.

  2. Arliene Rose Bautista

    Can we live together in Australia while we are waiting for our Partner Visa.?

    Can the applicant for the Partner Visa allowed to study in Australia while waiting for the Partner Visa?

    • Jeff Harvie

      If the application is an onshore partner visa, yes. The applicant can remain on a bridging visa during the processing time. And yes, can study. Suggest you get a free visa assessment. The link is on the main page.

      • Ronald Camara

        Do you have a subclass 115 for offshore?

        • Jeff Harvie

          There is, with about a 50 year waiting list. I’m serious!

    • Jasmine

      Hi im on de facto visa but the relationship is not doing well now, If i meet someone to marry me would that let me stay here kn Australia or do i nees to go back to Philippines? One of the migration agent told me said i need to go back to Philippines until the partner visa is approved, if yes may i know why i need to to back ?

      • Jeff Harvie

        If your partner visa is not permanent, then you need to declare if your current relationship ends. That’s a condition of your visa and your reason for being allowed to remain in Australia.

  3. Sharn

    If I married in the Philippines (Dumaguete City – Negros Oriental.) Am I entitled to apply for the “Offshore Partner Visa” My wife is arriving in Australia (Perth) 26th Aug, she’s been given a 12 month multiple point entry Visitors Visa,she will be going back to the Philippines on the 20th November……is she better off applying for the Offshore Partner Visa in the Philippines,or here in Australia whilst here….?
    Also,how much can I expect to pay for the Offshore Partner Visa.?
    And if she’s successful in gaining her Offshore Partner Visa,can she work straight away if she wants to.?
    And how long does she need to wait before she can legally become an Australian Citizen.?

    • Jeff Harvie

      You apply for an offshore visa when the applicant is offshore. If she comes onshore (ie enters Australia) you apply in Australia for an onshore partner visa.

      Too many questions for a page comment. I need to know about you and your case before I can advise you further. Can I get you to spare five minutes and do an online visa assessment form? Top right on this page. Then I can get back to you with professional fees and visa application charges, processing times, and some advice about Citizenship.

  4. Jacqueline goto

    I’m divorced in japan.but not yet annul here in Philippines,my question is?im married for second time around an Australian citizen,I only visited him in Australia as a Tourist Visa,because of my problem is not yet annul my previous married,hope you can give an advice about this ?my husband want lodge a visa even and Temporary Partner Visa,,I’m worried about this,please help me,I’m stuck in Philippines almost 5years,I don’t what to do now,I’m hopeless,thank you

    • Jeff Harvie

      Your Japanese divorce (as long as it’s completely legal) will be recognised in Australia, Jacqueline. As will your marriage (again, as long as it was a legal marriage). You can apply for a partner visa to Australia, either applied onshore (inside Australia) or offshore (ie i Philippines). Philippines law does not apply to Australian visa applications. I suggest you do a free online visa assessment form on our website and we can advise you further.

  5. Arliene Rose Bautista

    Hi Jeff,

    My annulment is still on going and I applied for onshore visa application.

    Can i apply for a partner visa or de facto relationship?

    Thank you.

    • Jeff Harvie

      You can apply for a partner visa IF you are in an established de facto relationship that is genuine and committed, and if you’ve been in that committed relationship for 12 months or longer. If not, no you cannot.

  6. Jacky

    Hi i was concern about i am married here in philippines with australian man but we broke up 7yrs already now . I wondering bec my x hubby he bring his live in partner to australia . Is that legal of wha he did ..? they have 2 kids and now they are already in australia last oct 3.. can you explain me pls advice bec i am stuck here in phil not annull yet. thank u..

    • Jeff Harvie

      An Australian partner visa may be applied-for based on (a) a married or (b) an established de facto relationship (ie a live-in relationship or common-law relationship). I would say your husband has either divorced you in Australia (which he may do legally) and remarried his new fiancee, or he’s been living in a de facto relationship with her and has applied on that basis. Either way it would be legal, or she would not be in Australia with him now.

      • Ashley Hardwick

        Hi, I’m an Australian citizen who’s planning to marry his Fillapino partner on 27 March, 2020 in Cebu. My partner, Renelle is coming to Australia on the 6th December for 3 months on a tourist visa to be with me. We are both flying back to Cebu on the 29th February, 2020. Whats our best visa option as we dont want yo be apart. How much are your services? Thanks, Ashley

  7. Eric Moulton

    For the past few months I have been developing a relationship with a Phillipino male over the internet. We are thinking of moving to the next level and applying for a spouse visa for him to come live in Australia.

    Are we eligible if we have not lived together in a defacto relationship

    • Jeff Harvie

      Your options for a partner visa are:

      1. Due to a marriage, or;
      2. Due to an established de facto relationship

      Whilst technically it’s possible, trying to prove the existence of an established de facto relationship without having lived together? Not so easy. If you intend marrying, then it would be a lot easier. I suggest you complete a free online visa assessment, which has a link at the top of the website.

  8. Je

    Hello! I wanted to ask about which process is the best for my situation. My boyfriend, together with his family, migrated to Australia last December 2017 and we’re thinking of ways on how to get me there as well. We are considering marriage to make the process easier but is he a permanent resident now that he has spent 12 months in Australia? Thank you so much for your help

    • Jeff Harvie

      If he’s a permanent resident, he may sponsor you on a partner visa. You need to discuss when and where you wish to marry, then do one of the online visa assessment forms on our website (top right hand corner, you will see the link). I can then tell you what you need to do.

  9. JOSH

    Hello. Can my sister be my filipinas fiancée’s sponsor for me to get us a visa to marry in Australia?

    • Jeff Harvie

      No, definitely not. The sponsor must be the one who will marry the applicant. It’s written in law.

  10. Amor

    HI Jeff, I have a boyfriend who has been separated for more than 10 years, we were childhood neighbours, but had not seen each other for decades until last month, after our months of online chatting, we decided to meet but only for 3 days. He has an existing marriage record so i cant marry him in the Philippines, how can he apply for a visit visa if he is currently unemployed?

    • Jeff Harvie

      Please use our free online visa assessment form on our website for a tourist visa, Amor. You would need to support him in Australia. Please note though that you cannot marry him in Australia if he’s still married. A marriage is a marriage, regardless of where it took place.

  11. Kaream

    I have been married to an Australian partner for more than 12 months and can not have a relationship because my partner is studying in a country and I work in another country and we agreed to live in Australia after finishing university two years later. Can I offer my partner visa under these conditions? Can I accompany my mother and her sister in the application? They live with me and I take care of them (19 years old is not working – 60 years old does not work for you to have a deceased father’s pension)

    • Jeff Harvie

      If your spouse is an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, yes you may apply for a partner visa if you meet all of the requirements. No you cannot include your mother and sister in a partner visa application.

  12. Rosa

    Hi,my bf is a citizen of australia but still live in the same house with his ex wife.
    My bf wants to apply a de facto visit visa for me for 1 week it possible to get a visit visa?

    • Jeff Harvie

      No such thing as a “de facto visit visa”. And I would need to see if you were eligible for a tourist visa first before I could comment. Suggest you do a free online visa assessment form.

      • Mae Hernandez

        Hi! Me and my boyfriend of five years are both Filipino. He is in Australia for 9 months now and has a student visa. He is planning to take me there as well to come and live with him. Is it possible? If yes, what steps should be taken and what are the requirements needed? Thanks a lot!

        • Jeff Harvie

          We dont manage student visas, sorry

  13. Stella

    Hi Jeff,
    I’m currently on bridging visa here in Au while waiting for my partner visa. I just found out in preggers and my Aussie partner & I would like to marry here. Is that possible?
    Or do we have to wait until my temporary visa is granted? Honestly I don’t want my child to be borne as illegitimate. Partner and I are genuinely inlove with each other… why can’t we marry ?
    Thank you,

    • Jeff Harvie

      What type of bridging visa? What visa did you apply for?

      • Stella

        Hi Jeff- it’s a BVA. I’m here in AU now. I lodged my Partner visa just 2 months ago.. I didn’t know I cannot marry until temporary PV is granted ?

        • Jeff Harvie

          I don’t know your circumstances. I would have assumed you were married already. Maybe you applied based on a de facto relationship. I can’t advise you properly, so I would rather not try. This is just a comments section, and not a free visa advice service.

  14. Julybeth

    Hi Jeff

    Iam applying a tourist visa subclass 600 and my partner is a New Zealand who live in Australia for almost 10yrs since 2010 but he is not a Australian citizen is he eligible to be my sponsor? To get a tourist visa granted Because I don’t have a job he supported me since the big inning of our relationship until we got our 1yr old son I’m just confused if I can state in my cover later that the reason why I visit Australia is to visit my partner so we can also apply an onshore partner visa and we can be together for the sake of our son we already been in 3yrs relation we have many evidence to prove it.

    • Jeff Harvie

      I can’t tell you how to do your own application, sorry. And you shouldn’t ask me.

  15. marites


    Good day.
    I am married with Kiwi but living in Australia. My question is is it possible that he can bring me to Australia even he is not an Australian Citizen? Your answer is really appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Jeff Harvie

      Most likely yes. It will depend on his status in Australia. Strongly suggest you get a visa assessment done. The link is just above you.

      • Issabella

        Hi Jeff.. I am a filipina married to an Australian citizen with an australian citizen by descent 3month old baby. My question is can i apply just a tourist visa for me and my daughter that is an australian citizen just to see her dad.. Will I be granted a tourist visa. Or will it affect my visa because of my australian citizen daughter.. and because I’m already married to him. The reason why I’m only applying for a tourist visa and not partner visa is because I still have things to get done here first. Will I be granted a tourist visa

        • Jeff Harvie

          I can’t tell you if you will be successful or not, but with a well-prepared visa application you should do OK. Please complete one of our online visa assessment forms. There’s a link at the top right hand corner.

  16. Brian

    I am a permenant oz resident , (54 years) but have a criminal record, with NO jail time served, my Filipino partner has NO criminal record. We have known each other for over 3years, being in constant contact through Facebook video chat & talk, I have never been to the Philippines, not having a passport, I came out on my dad’s passport in the early 60’s, so would their be any issues at all with my future wife eventually coming to Australia on a partner visa ?

    • Jeff Harvie

      You will most likely be OK about your criminal record, but I can’t tell you absolutely without knowing everything about your case. You cannot however sponsor anyone for a partner visa whom you haven’t met in person though. Please complete one of our online visa assessment forms. There’s a link at the top right hand corner.

    • Mario

      Hi I am Mario well I have my girlfriend in Negros and I plan to get married to her & bring her here in Australia. I was wanting to know how to go about it and what are the cost involved in bringing my partner here . Is it better to bring her here on a de facto or partner visa & how long does the process take would be highly appreciated from my side thanks.

      • Jeff Harvie

        Not something I can answer here on a comments section. Suggest you get a free online visa assessment done. The link is just above you.

  17. Jamnes McCaskie

    Hello Jeff I was wondering what the best visa is forty partner and myself to bring her to Australia , we are engaged and have been for over a year we have been in a relationship for 5 years and now want to settle in Australia as man and wife , my partner has a 8 year old boy which I have been active in his life for also 5 years so which is best way to bring them both over here and is adoption available in the Philippines

    Thanks Jeff

    • Jeff Harvie

      Adoption means you need to have been living in Philippines for 3 years, and it requires usually several years of going back and forth to the court to do it. At the end of the day, it’s not needed at all. Bring him to Australia and you can change his name to yours with a simple form and a couple of hundred dollars. Suggest you complete the assessment form at the bottom of the article, and I’ll explain all your options.

  18. Susie

    Hi Jeff,

    Good day my husband and I married here in the Philippines. Is it ok to apply a tourist visa for me to be with him in Australia and apply again whatever VISA that are soutable for me after my tourist visa expired? Is it possible also to apply a permanent visa for me in Australia?

    • Jeff Harvie

      Suggest that you complete an online visa assessment form (you can see the link on this page), and I can go over your options.

  19. Iryl

    Hi Jeff, how are you? I’m a Filipina married to an australian citizen , we married in the Phillipines only., and stayed in Australia for 10years , until we divorced in Australia , and after a year and half I felt Inlove to a man in the philippines,

    My question is , Are we allowed to get married in Australia ? And apply him a visa to stay with me?

    • Jeff Harvie

      I can’t see a problem. Please do a free visa assessment.

  20. Shane and Jeannie

    Gday Jeff ,

    After watching videos on your site about online Utah wedding, my Girl and I have decided to get married online on the 28/11/2021.

    I was wondering if its possible for you to prepare my wife to be and her daughter (8 years old ), an onshore partner visa from your location in the Philippines aswell as a visitor / tourist visa for them.

    Then submit the onshore partner visa a few days later for us , once she and her daughter have arrived here on the visitors visa ?

    Great Web site you have put together here , been very helpful and informative , thank you .

    Kind regards
    Shane Oreo .

    • Jeff Harvie

      It takes more than a few days to prepare an effective partner visa, Shane. But yes I imagine we can help you. Our location is never an issue, as we lodge everything electronically. Suggest you go to our assessment page and complete a free visa assessment so I know what your situation is.

  21. Navjot

    Hello, my girlfriend is in Russia and we have an online relationship and we are intending to marry … I am a permanent resident of Australia and we have decided to commit to each other and she wants to Come and live with me …

    In this case, what is the best plan of action. how can I bring her in here ….

    • Jeff Harvie

      You can look at our website and study up on visa options. I don’t manage visas from Russia, so I can’t help you sorry.


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Choosing between an onshore partner visa application inside Australia, or an offshore partner visa application applied for in Manila Philippines Of course we can and do manage Spouse Visas lodged inside Australia when the Australian sponsor and Filipina applicant are both there, and in fact these make up about half of our applications these days. Since the 1 July 2015 Visa Application Charge changes which meant that a partner visa now costs the same lodged offshore in Philippines (or other countries) as they do lodged in Australia, we have had considerably more applicants wanting their applications lodged in Australia.

There is no difference in the way the applications are prepared. The difference is that you have a small window to lodge the visa, harder again if you plan to marry in Australia too.

We just want you to make an informed and educated choice, and not to find yourselves in Australia running out of time to lodge. The number one problem area is that you have a fixed time-limit to get everything finalised in. If you are aware of this and can cope with it? Then no problems, as far as we are concerned.

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Thank you very much.I appreciate your effort and I must say you’ve done me a favor.You’ve all been very nice and accomodating to me since day 1. And I commend you all for that.I’m really glad it didnt took long ‘coz I though it would be long process and might take you nine months or more just like what I’ve heard of others applying for Australian Visa. Its a good decision on my part that I choose your agency. Finally me and Rod could spend to the rest of our lives together, and its all because of you guys.

To Mila and Jeff Harvie and the company, please accept my heartful thank to all of you. God bless!!!!”

Respectfully yours,


“Working with Jeff Harvie (Down Under Visa) for my visa is really a big help to make this thing happen.He is always willing and ready to answer all our questions with patience and dedication. Damien and I are thankful for Jeff’s effort of giving us information, sharing us what he knows, and keep on posting us reminders from the beginning until the end of our transactions with him. Three months of having a visa granted is earlier than we expected it to be and it is because of Jeff’s dedication of helping us to prepare all the requirements needed for the visa. Prayer is granted and we are ready to leave on August 22. Thank you again Jeff and Mila in behalf of Down Under Visa Family. May you have more blessings to come and more happy to finally sure that we will be together without worries ahead of separating apart because of the visa.God bless you all and more power.”

Julie Ann and Damien

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November 2017 changes in Australian partner visa processing

We (Down Under Visa) received a letter a few days ago from one of the senior officers in the Australian Embassy in Manila about the issue of partner visa applications, and what they will no longer accept. It covered the same issues that we announced in our recent BLOG article.

In summary:

  • Applications need to be “fully-loaded” when submitted, with all the supporting documentation included.
  • That means all relationship evidence and other documents right there at the time of application
  • And that means not thinking you can wait for the Department to send out endless reminder letters (known as Requests for Information, or RFI’s)
  • And it means if the application is lodged “naked” (as the Department are calling it), they will not send an RFI letter.They will refuse the application immediately.
  • And a refusal means you lose the Visa Application Charge, ie. the $7,000.00 you need to pay them.

We’ve long warned applicants not to assume they can slap together a last-minute partner visa application inside Australia, yet we still have enquirers who assume they can do just that. Sadly I can see a lot of refusals coming up very shortly if people try that one out.

Full article

Visa refusals

I’m writing this article today because we had a client more than two years ago who was like Applicant B. They didn’t like what we kept asking them for, and got annoyed when we kept telling them that their documentation (ie. visa requirements) were insufficient or incorrect. Eventually they pulled the pin on their dealings with us, because they found a Migration Agent who was less schoolteacher-like and more “chilled” than Jeff Harvie. They lodged a partner visa application visa application in Manila. A year and a half later it was refused. I saw the refusal letter, and it was refused because of a lack of what we had been asking them.

I could sit back and say “I told you so”, but I take no pleasure in seeing a couple stuck apart. It’s tragic! I wish they had simply accepted the truth that I was prepared to tell them. Not everyone does. Sweet words and a nice pat on the back are much easier to deliver and they make a job easier, but sorry……not from Jeff Harvie and not from Down Under Visa. It won’t happen.

And I see emails every day from clients who think we’re asking too much, and sometimes they tell us of the mate who got a visa without submitting “all this rubbish”. Sometimes the “mate” is some hollow entity on a Facebook group or internet advice forum. Sometimes the visa grant happened 20 years ago. And sometimes the mate was just plain lucky. The ones who get refusals for poor applications are less keen to talk about their failures, so you are less likely to hear about them.

If we lowered standards and did more back-patting, we would probably have to give bad news about visa refusals to 1:5 of you. Sorry, but that’s too high. Listen to the cranky ol’ schoolteacher and you’re in very safe hands!

Full article

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