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Can I include my kids in a Prospective Marriage Visa application?

Yes, they may be included as secondary applicants in that visa. Note that this depends on you having a legal right to remove them from the country, ie. if another parent still has joint custody then you will need their permission for this to happen.

Do I have to marry before I apply for an offshore Partner Visa?
What if we marry before the Prospective Marriage Visa is granted?


  1. Ethel

    Dear Jeff.

    I am previously married in the Philippines but separated 6yrs now. Living here in Australia for the last 3yrs I am still holding temporary visa at the moment, I applied for divorce here in Australia and the process is on going. My question is, am I allowed to marry my australian citizen partner if my divorce here in Australia will be granted? so we can apply for a partners visa.
    Thank you.

    • Jeff Harvie

      If you are divorced legally in Australia, you may MARRY legally in Australia.

  2. Busra

    My fiancé has a granted subclass 300 visa, I’m an Australia citizen he is Turkish citizen. I fell pregnant after his grant would this be a problem

    • Jeff Harvie

      No problem that I could see. Congratulations!

      • Azenith

        Hello sir Jeff have a nice day..can I ask Australian bf want to come here but he don’t know how to start his documents..thank you so much

        • Jeff Harvie

          Sorry, what documents do you mean?

  3. Jessa

    Hi Jeff, I would like to ask if how long does it takes for prospective marriage visa now? Is it possible to be granted in less than a year if all the requirements has been made? Me and my partner wanted to know if their are chance that we can be together in less than a year if we apply. Or what is best visa recommendation you can advice for us that we can be together asap. And also I have 2 children ages 10 and 8 that we wanted to bring. Please enlighten our minds. Thank you and God bless!

    • Jeff Harvie

      Prospective Marriage Visas are taking about 18 months these days. Yes it’s possible that it could be faster, however it’s not something that anyone can control. An uncomplicated application with perfect paperwork can take a long time, and a complex and disorganised application can be faster. There is no logic to it. Suggest you do a free visa assessment (it will take you five minutes) and we can look at all options for you.

  4. Ailene

    Good day sir!
    I’ve been visited in Australia good for 3 months then I’m engaged to my Aussie fiance, currently I’m here in Philippines . I
    just want to ask, if is it OK if my fiance work is part timer, is it possibly can pass to Australian embassy to give me fiance visa? This lately changed his job as part timer?

    • Jeff Harvie

      Please get an assessment, Aileen. I can’t advise you about a personal matter until I know more about you and your situation.


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