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What if we marry before the Prospective Marriage Visa is granted?

If the visa is then granted, you will breach visa conditions. We may request that they withdraw a Prospective Marriage Visa application, and replace it with an offshore Partner Visa if we do so in plenty of time.

Can I include my kids in a Prospective Marriage Visa application?
What if we don’t marry within 9 months?


  1. Leigh Carson

    Hi Jeff, I note with interest your comment about the Online Marriage facility via the State of Utah. As our Subclass 300 is now approaching 26 mths of wait time and knowing that Immigration will require as a first step in processing, further details from us related to our previous living in another country some 6 yrs ago, we could be facing another year of waiting. Accordingly, we are considering the Online Marriage route. I see on an Australian Embassy site, they make mention that should subclass 300 applicants marry prior to the issue of the subclass 300 then there is a provision to change the subclass 300 application to a partner visa application. Is that process cost free? ie, in that the $7.7k plus has been paid on the subclass 300. If this route is possible, we are also interested in your indicative cost to make the change over of application class? Also once married and with the Partner Visa lodged, about how long are people waiting to bring there spouse to Australia, ie. we wouldn’t want another 2 year wait. Looking forward to your comments and thanks.

    • Jeff Harvie

      Marrying legally online is an option, Leigh. And changing a Subclass 300 application to a Subclass 309 can be done. No additional cost. We charge a small administrative fee for doing this changeover, but no requirement to re-pay the $7K+ visa application charge. Unlikely to make the waiting period any longer too.


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